2 Day Massey Harris Collection
Boden Estate Auction


Date: August 24th & 25th          Time: 9:00 AM Both Days


Saturday, August 24, 2019
From Crete, NE Take Hwy 33 East to 100th Road then go South approx. 1.5 Miles

Sunday, August 25, 2019
4-H Exhibit Building, Tuxedo Park, Crete, NE

Watch for Auction Signs!
Food by Dar’s Kitchen / Restrooms by RST Portables


SATURDAY August 24, 2019


1949 Massey Harris Pony, M/N#PGA6968A, Equip. One Row Planter, Push Blade; Disc; 1 Bottom Row Plow; Cultivator
1949 Massey Harris 22, M/N#22GR, S/N#4019, Narrow Front; Fenders
Massey Harris 22, 4 Cyl. w/engine
1953 Massey Harris 23, M/N#23G1RF, S/N#2466, Wide Front; Fender; 3-Point
1948 Massey Harris 30, M/N#30-GR, S/N#4288, Fenders w/Buzz Saw attached
1955 Massey Harris 33, M/N#33GIRF, S/N#11531, P.S., Narrow Front; Fenders
1955 Massey Harris 33 Diesel, M/N#33D1RF, S/N#10810P, Wide Front; Fenders; Lights, 3 point top link
1947 Massey Harris 44, M/N#44GS, S/N#1684, Wide Front Fenders
1948 Massey Harris 44 Six, M/N# 44-6, S/N#44-6-GR-3972, 6 Cylinder
1948 Massey Harris 44, M/N#44-6, S/N#3759, 6 Cyl.
1950 Massey Harris 44 Diesel, M/N# 44DS, S/N# 3794, Wide Front; Fenders
1950 Massey Harris 44, M/N#44GR, S/N#14190, LP Tank converted; 4 Cyl
1950 Massey Harris 44, M/N#44-GR, S/N#19629, Wide Front; 4 Cyl.
1951 Massey Harris 44, M/N#44GR, S/N#28175, Narrow Front; Fenders
1955 Massey Harris 44 Special, M/N#44GISF, Wide Front; Fender
Massey Harris 44, Tractor Frame
Massey Harris 44 Special, Narrow Front; 4 Cyl. w/engine
1949 Massey Harris 44GS, M/N#44GS S/N#6299, Wide Front Fenders
1948 Massey Harris 44-6, M/N# 44-6-GR, S/N#2630, Narrow Front; Fenders
1948 Massey Harris 44-6, M/N#44GR, S/N#3759, Narrow front, fenders
1950 Massey Harris 44-6, M/N# 44-6-GR, S/N#5373, Single Wheel Front-end Fenders
1951 Massey Harris 55 Diesel, M/N#55DISF, S/N#2632, Fenders
1953 Massey Harris 55 Gas, M/N#55GISH, S/N#13414, Hard Clutch, 4 Cylinder; Full Set of Fenders; Wide Front
1955 Massey Harris 55LP, M/N#55B1SF-LP, S/N#17630, Wide Front; Fenders, Hood has 555 Decal
1940 Massey Harris 101JR, M/N#101JR, S/N#395505, 4cyl, narrow front
1946 Massey Harris 101 M/N#101SR, S/N#270519, 6 Cylinder; Narrow Front
Massey Harris 101 Twin Power Tractor, S/N#256036, 4 Cyl
1956 Massey Harris 333, M/N#333GIRF, S/N#22405, Wide front, 4 Cylinder; Fenders
1956 Massey Harris 333 Diesel, M/N#333DIRF, S/N# 20915, Wide Front; Fenders
1956 Massey Harris 333 Diesel, M/N#333D1RF, S/N#209739P, Narrow Front; Fenders
1956 Massey Harris 444, M/N#44G1RF, S/N#70312, Wide Front, Fenders & Lights
1956 Massey Harris 444, M/N#44G1SF, S/N#72580, Wide Front; Lights; Power Steering; Fenders
1956 Massey Harris 444, M/N#444GIRF, S/N#71640, P.S. Narrow Front Fenders
1956 Massey Harris 555LP, M/N#555B1SF-LP, S/N#20278, Wide Front; Fenders
1956 Massey Harris 555 Diesel, M/N#555D1SF, S/N#20917P, Fenders; Lights; Wide Front
Massey Harris Corn Picker, 2 row S.P., 4 cylinder engine
1960 to 1963 Massey Harris Wheat Head Super 92 Combine, M/N#930104z1, S/N#93013006,

       with cab, 16ft cut, Massy Ferguson
1956 Massey Harris (MF) I-244 Gas, M/N#I244G, S/N#3145, Registration#56-0-192; Yellow,
Corps of engineers – US Army, missing Front axle, steering gear, carb. and magneto
Massey Harris Wheat Combine, S/N#83737, pull type; Clipper Combine
Massey Harris Wheat Combine w/Wisconsin Motor, pull type; Clipper Combine
Massey Harris Tractor, S/N#400349, 4 Cyl. w/engine
Massey Ferguson Mower, M/N# MF10, S/N#1446000056
Massey Harris Engine 4 Cyl., M/N#F140
Massey Harris Engine 4 Cyl., M/N#F124
Massey Harris, 4 Cyl. Parts Only
Massey Harris Narrow Front; 4 Cyl.
Massey Harris, Multiple Fenders
IH 756 Gas with Cab, M/N#F756, S/N#16964
IH 560 Gas, S/N#248854, Dual Loader; Gas; 6 Cyl.
Front tractor tires
Tractor tire chains 15.5 x 38



Log Splitter, 10.5 hp; 28 Ton Splitter Force; 1/2 x 1/2
Century Log Splitter, 5 Ton; 12 V
Century Log Splitter, 10 Ton Hydraulic; Hand Pump
Buzz Saw w/International Harvester Motor, M/N#44, S/N#13999, 4 Cyl; 2 Wheel Frame w/Hitch
Buzz Saw Belt Driver, Frame & Rotary Blade Only w/Wheel
Buzz saw, extra buzz saw blades
20 Ft. Wood Planks
Miscellaneous lumber, 2x6, 2x8, window and door frames



Spring Tooth

Disc 9 Ft.

Plow, 4 Bottom

Harrow  3 Runs

Sprayer – Pull, Have Male Parts Only

Cultivator and Parts, 2 Row

Sun Master Rotary Mower C60

Cycle Mower

Sickle Mower, PTO 7 Ft. (several)

Cultivator – Pull, 4 Row

Dirt Remover, Pull Type

Massey Harris 3 Bottom Plow

Planter, 2 row

Massey Harris Plow, 2 Bottom

Massey Harris Baler w/VF4 Motor,

         M/N#975-101, Motor S/N#1970080

Massey Harris Corn Picker, 2 Row,

          self-propelled (several)

Massey Harris Wheat Drill, Steel Wheel        

Disc w/2 Ft. Folders,11 ft + 2x2 Ft. Fold = 15 Ft.

Frame for Rotary Mower (Iron Only)       

Massey Harris Win Rower #11Rake (several)

Wood Wheat Sower

Massey Harris Win Rower #11, Complete

Loader Frame - Non-Hydraulic

Pick-up Livestock Cage

Farm Hay Bailer Trailer, 2 wheel - 14 ft

Post Hole Digger Engine w/ 2Augers

Sav Way Flyer Metal Pull Wagon

Massey Harris Disc 35, S/N#1025, 11 Ft.

Bale Elevator

MH #11 Side rake, steel wheels

Drag harrows

Massey Harris 2 row lister

Massey Harris front mount cultivators

18' single row disc

Massey Harris drill with seeder, 16 runner

Massey Harris 12' tandem disc, pull type

Tumble bug bucket

Cultivator, 3pt.

Shredder, 3 pt.

Moline drill with wooden box

MH side rake, pull type

Pickup livestock Bed rack

Bale elevator

Massey Harris manure spreader, No. 11

4 Wheel Trailer Frame

Manufacture Date 06-22-1943

Massey Harris Manure Spreader # 11, Wood;

Massey Harris # 33, Horse Drawn, 6 ft. Cut

Rear 2pt. blade





2017 Load Trail Box Trailer, 4500# Limit w/ Power Lift Box, S/N#4ZEDT1024H1137847Like New; Dual Axle;

            Gravel door, 10’ x 6’, tarp, cargo doors

2014 Load Trail Trailer, 1900# Limit/Open Trailer w/ Load Ramp, S/N#4ZESA1014F1074928, Single Axle; 15’ x 5’

2002 Friesen Gooseneck Trailer, flat bed, 22’ x 8’ with beaver tail, ramps, drive over fenders, 7000# dual axles  


Trailer/Grain Parts Only

2 Wheel Trailer



2009 Polaris Ranger XP Sport Utility,

         4x4, 1,360hrs

1977 Chrysler Brougham, New Yorker,

          2 Door, Brown, 92K+miles

1969 Dodge Truck Power Wagon 

1970's Dodge Truck Blue

1978 Chrysler Brougham New Yorker,

         VIN#CS43T8C129559, 8 Cyl;

         4 Door, Black, 89K+miles

1963 Dodge 200 Power Wagon, 4 dr,

           4x4, Nebraska Forest truck,

           4 spd, 89Kmiles, slant 6

1987 Chrysler Brougham 5th Avenue,


1970's Dodge Truck Black

1997 Dodge 3500,

         14 passenger van, 119K      

Dodge Van, Maroon -

            Wrecked Front-end

Dodge Van Gray

Dodge Van Faded Blue

Bus 3600, M/N# B600,

         VIN#B61DVV01403, No Engine

1999 Dodge 3500, 14 passenger van

Bus, No Engine - No VIN

Bus M/N#C60, VIN#CSE626V13659,


Plymouth Special Deluxe

Summit 2 Door - blue

Late 80's Pickup Box Black & Gray

Late 60's or 70's Pickup Box Blue

Dodge 4 Door; Black

Plymouth Fury III, Gray; 4-Door

Plymouth Fury III, Parts Only -

          Good Chrome

Western 7.5 ft snow blade off a 1999

          Dodge pickup

Honda Tail 70 motorcycle

Kawasaki 175 motorcycle

1950's Plymouth, VIN#11984683,

         Special Deluxe; Missing 4 doors

Kawasaki LT 750 motorcycle,

         12K miles

Dodge Colt Gold/White Combo;


Plymouth Belvedere Yellow; 2-Door

1984 Dodge Colt Blue 

Dodge Colt Gold; 2-Door

Dodge 440 Push Button; 4-Door

Dodge Colt Yellow; 2-Door

Dodge Colt Wagon

Valiant V200 Red/Gray/White 

1970's Dodge Pickup Orange

Spring & Axle for Old Buggy 

1970's Chevy Truck Bed Trailer

Topper  8 Ft./Black

Topper  8 Ft./Silver

Schools Buses (for parts)

Engine  8 Cyl.

Engine 6 Cyl.

V-8 block

Flathead 6 cylinder engine block

Flathead 4 cylinder engine block

Pickup camper shells, fiberglass

          & aluminum

15" and 16" tires and rims, tractor

          and pickup

Small block Mopar V-8


Chrysler Engine, 6 Cyl.; Flat Head

Dodge rims and tires

Chrome roll bar

Car Frame

Dodge pickup tail gates

Mopar hubcaps

Old automatic transmissions

Old Mopar car radios




Acetylene torch set with cart

Metric Wrenches 10mm-20mm

Impact Sockets MM & Standards 1", 1/4", 3/8"

Torque Wrenches



Jack Stands

Ashley Wood Stove



Impact Guns & Sockets

Chain Saw

Plumber Wrenches

Foldable sawhorses


Gas & Oil Cans

Angle Saw       

Small Dill Press

Metal Saw        

Gas Heater


Combination wrenches

Hay hook

Oil filter wrenches

Car ramps

Alum step ladder

Jumper cables

110v air compressors

Gas cans

Receiver hitch

Rubber chock blocks

Come along

Florescent shop lights

Barrel pump

Swing back trailer jack

A frame shop hoist

Pro Tech drill press 8"

Pro Tech 6" bench grinder

Miter saw

3 ton floor jack

4 wheel ramps

Craftsman radial arm saw

Metal office chair

Plastic lawn furniture

Kitchen cart

Wooden kitchen chairs

Rechargeable light

Jack stands



Masterforce cordless drill

Electric hand drill

Bolt cutters

Pistol grip clamps

NAPA red tool chest cabinet

Vise grips

Adjustable wrenches


Welding clamps

Bench vises

Numerous jars, nuts, bolts, screws

Organizers with items


Hand saw

90 degree Angle grinders

Electric hedge trimmer


Chainsaws, Pro Mac 10-10S

Punches and chisels

Milwaukee Sawzall

2.5 electric McCulloch chain saw

Snap ring pliers

Allen wrenches

US General tool chest

Sockets and ratchets

Tape measurers

Old shotgun shells, and ammo

Ratchet straps

Shop stereo


Shop caddy

4 Wheel caddies

Val 6 heater

10 ton house jacks

Log chains

Welding bench

Metal hinges

Block pulleys

Old welder

Welding helmets

Air bubble

Engine parts

Single trees

Perfection smokeless oil heater






Massey Ferguson 10, S/N#1446, lawn mower

Ariens GT 18 lawn mower

Ariens GT 17 lawn mower




Grain scoop

Ariens tillers

Snapper push mowers

Troy-Bilt wood chipper 11.5 hp

Alum ext. ladder

Toro 24" snowblower with chains

Screw wood splitter

Kohler Riding Lawn Mower 25 HP

Ariens Mower, M/N#931024, S/N#693

Ariens M/N#931019, S/N#9259

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet Push Mower 21" Deck

Toro Snow Blower 7 HP; 24" Wide; Self Propelled

Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper C54325 - 1150 Series

Garden cultivator

Watering cans

Lawn mower snow blade





4 wheeler rack

Propane tank heater

Bug zapper

Copper tubing

Swisher 10.5 hp log splitter, 28 ton with tilt

Electric wood splitter, Central Machinery

Central Machinery pump hydraulic wood splitter

Plastic and wooden snow fence

Iron pile, various sizes and lengths

Steel Frame for 500 Gallon Fuel Tank

Old Doors                                


A Frame Engine Puller, 10 ft. tall

Car Lift Crank Cable

Fence Parts

4' round stock tank

Lawn chairs

Splitting wedges

Minnow bucket

Chicken waterers

Kick start engine

Chicken feeders

Screw grain fans

Old license plates

Metal shelving



SUNDAY, August 25, 2019



Warn Industries Winch M/N#8274

IH 560 weather vane

Massey Harris Memorabilia Pins,

         Clocks, Etc.

Massey Harris Implement Sign,

      Good Condition

Beer posters

Bullet pencils

MH buttons, pins,

Mopar memorabilia

Toy tractor tire ashtrays

Car decanters

MH clock

Snap-On clock

Bottle openers

Cast iron skillet

Mac Tools and Snap-On mugs

Budweiser steins

MH Thermometers

MH clock

MH dinner bell

Massey Harris metal sign 8' x 2.5'

Cream cans

Philco radio

Sadd iron

Old cash register


Baby beds

Rail sleds

Kitchen cabinet

Miller Beer lighted sign

Avon bottles

Oil cans

Budweiser Signs

Oil Lamps

Cast iron Budweiser Clydesdales

        and Wagon





1/16 Semis

1/18 Dodge Truck

1/64 & 1/87 Massey Harris Tractors

1/18 Plymouth Cars

Dodge Cars


Bank Figurines

Mac Tool Toys

International Harvester Toys

1/16 Massey Harris Tractors

1/43 Massey Harris Tractors

1/64 Massey Harris

1/64 Massey Ferguson Tractors

1/64 Toy Farmer Series

1/64 Mini Toys Inc.

1/16 IHC Toys

1/16 CASE IH Toys

1/43 CASE Toy

Construction Equipment Toys

1/64 & 1/32 CASE IH Toys

Collector Buckles

Combine Toys

Miscellaneous Toys

Johnny Lightning Series

Hot Wheel Toys

Maisto Toys

Playboy Collector Race Cars

Ertl Tractor

Jada Dub City collection

Match Box collection

Muscle Machine collection

Racing Champions Cars

1/64 Dodge Pickups

1/64 Cars

1/16 & 1/24 Cars





Kitchen table and chairs

Globe Bar

 Amana chest deep freeze, 46" x27"

Red Little Chair                         


Wood Cabinet 7 Ft. Tall x 4 Ft. Wide

Grand Father Clock         



2 Dressers                               




Crochet set

Corner cabinet

Foot massager

Kitchen scale

Surround sound speaker

Globe on stand bar

Office Chair (In Box)

Free standing lamps

Plastic banquet chairs

Rocker chair

Salad master stainless steel cookware

8 gal Western stoneware crock

Book Shelf  

Metal wardrobe cabinet

Decorative tin cans

Red lift chair

Pearl grandfather clock,

Wooden office desk

Wooden wardrobe

Glider rocker

Office chair


Wooden basket covers

Bulletin board

Food Grinder

Presser cooker




Kitchen utensils


Tweety bird cookie jar



Drinking glasses

Clip light

Glass baking dishes


Rotary telephone

Plastic wash basins

Avon Emerald Bud Vase

Playing cards

Loafing pans

Pie Pans

Glass measuring cups

Glass measuring bowls

Decorative bowls

Rolling pin

Sharpening stone

Cutting board

Guardian Alert 9-1-1

Metal Coolers

Phone/answering system

Twin size mattress (like new)

Twin size frame w/ head board

Card table

Entertainment center

Globe bar Set


Cordless phone

Kitchen table and chairs

Round table and chairs


Lamp tables

Storage cabinet

Floor fans


Outdoor games (croquet, etc.)

Seat cushions

Old Scale

Salad Master set

Flower stands

Coffee maker, 30 cup


Coleman lunch box






2010 Ram 3500, Laramie package, Diesel, crew cab, long box, 5th wheel ball, 4x4, , 119K miles

2007 Chrysler Aspen Limited 5.7 Hemi, Charcoal, all-wheel drive, sunroof, leather, loaded, 147K miles

2007 Chrysler Aspen Limited, 5.7 Hemi, Burgundy, all-wheel drive, leather, loaded, 196K,

1997 Harley Davidson Road/Street, M/N#FDX, VIN#1HD1GHL19VY319536

2002 Chrysler 300M, leather and loaded, 126K miles, sunroof, 3.5 L V-6

Dodge Sportsman Royal van




Free standing basketball hoop


Window AC

Porch Swing, 3person, new


2 Dorchester Longhorn stadium seats

Mechanic books

Jumper cables

Florescent lights

Light bulbs

Flower hanging pole

Feed sack – Pollard chick starter

Porch Swing 3 Person

Metal porch swing

Steel Cabinet

2 picnic tables

Life jackets




 Many, Many More Items to Numerous to Mention!


Owner:  The Late Arlan Boden